I was writing a post with WordPress for iOS on my iPad to try out my new Logitech Ultrathin iPad Air 2 keyboard. I switched to draft mode, because I really like to save my work every once in a while. Saving as draft also saves to your blog and not only to your device.

After having saved a couple of times I had about eight paragraphs when I saved. I looked around to relax my eyes a little bit and after I looked back to my screen I was back to two paragraphs. That was about the same amount I saved when saving this post for the first time. (Insert curse word here.)

The text of the last 30 minutes seemed to be lost. I closed the post and reopened it. Didn’t work. Still only two paragraphs. I was not amused. I went to my WordPress blog on the web using a browser and luckily all the data was there. It seemed only WordPress for iOS effed-up.

To get the current post back I had to reload the post list on iOS and get back to editing. Even though it’s an easy remedy for the situation I lost trust in the app. Which obviously is a bad thing.