WordPress has a cool feature: featured images. These images are displayed differently to common in-article images. Most of the time they appear before the article itself.

They are also used for thumbnails in recent posts lists, archives, next and previous post or the common blog home page. They enrich articles immensely and make people more likely to click on the link to read the it.

Here are some plugins which make the use of featured images even better:

If you want to use a featured image for every post you write then this plugin will help you not to forget setting one. No updating the article after publishing because you forgot it. Quite handy.

If you use images you didn’t create yourself most likely another person holds the copyright. To be a good person you should display this copyright notice somewhere in the article. For normal images you could use a caption next to the image. For featured images you normally cannot do this but have e.g. a copyright notice at the end of the article.

This plugin enables captions next to the featured image.

Some people use generic images as featured images and would like to have the title on top of the image and use the featured image as a background.

If your theme doesn’t allow this this plugin will create a new image and stamp the title onto it automatically.

RSS with Images

Featured images are not displayed in RSS feeds because it’s not part of the content of the post. This plugin allows you to have your featured images in your feed. This is also handy if you use your RSS feed for automatically creating your email newsletter.