Storing Videos on Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive has unlimited storage for $60 a year. That’s quite a bargain. But there are limits, especially for video.

One of the limits is you cannot stream or play videos from Amazon Cloud Drive which are longer than 20 minutes. That’s probably a safety measure that people don’t use this service for uploading movies or TV shows and sharing the links with the Internet. While this a reasonable measure, it’s not helping honest users, who just want to store their large videos in the cloud to recover some storage space on their relatively small SSDs.

Unfortunately this will only be apparent if you use Amazon Cloud Drive in the browser. If you use the iOS apps for iPhone or iPad, only a nondescript error message is displayed:

:-( Something went wrong, and it’s not your fault.

Amazon has a long way to go if they want to successfully compete with customer-centric companies like Dropbox.