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re:publica 2010 – Modern Technology and Its Failure

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I attend an internet and online conference and I’m offline.

Too bad. An underpowered republica wireless network and totally non-working 3G, because about 70% of all attendees use iPhones and therefore are on the same T-Mobile network.

It’s nearly impossible to load the conference’s online schedule to learn about sessions and workshops. Even downloading an .ical file to my iPhone to save it in a local calendar doesn’t really work because there are way too many parallel tracks on the calendar. The entries are too small to be legible.

A Twitter revolution without revolutionaries: An interesting topic in a tightly packed auditorium. But I need Internet. I’m leaving and keep searching…

The session I enjoyed most is Sascha Pallenberg’s Blogs monetarisieren, aber wie, blog monetization, obviously in German. As most of the talks at republica are.

It was good day on the #rp10. Except the missing internet.

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