Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads on Google

I wrote about keeping your privacy while using Google products a while ago. The post covered ways to reduce your data footprint with Google. To stress the importance of interest-based ads for Google I’m going to write in more detail about the collected data.

On Google’s ads opt out page there are some areas of information of what Google is actually storing about you:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Languages
  • Interests

The last one – interests – looks inconspicuous but has the most detailed data about you. This is the reason Google scans your email and uses other means of getting information about you. While nobody knows how detailed the stored interests profiles are it’s probably the most information-rich collection of data about you after Facebook’s data trove.

It’s save to assume that this collected will never be deleted. Storage is cheap and is getting cheaper every day. Especially for huge companies like Google.

Opt out of Ads on Google and Google ads across the web to have peace of mind. You won’t miss anything.