Is the WordPress iOS App Still Relevant?

When Automattic announced project Calypso it looked like they wanted to reinvent the WordPress admin panel. But then they released WordPress apps for macOS, Windows and Linux. These are essentially web apps running in an OS-native window, but they work well.

The last couple of month (or years?) the WordPress iOS app didn’t change much, at least not on the user-facing side. They bought a very cool 3rd-party iOS WordPress app called Poster eons ago (mid 2013), which was better than the official WordPress app. They might have done it because they wanted to hire the talented developer behind this app, or they wanted to get rid of the better app to not fragment the WordPress app space or they just didn’t want to look bad, because a single developer could own them. Maybe all of it.

But it took almost a year, if I recall correctly, to get some of the features into the official WordPress app. Changes were slow and the app always felt and still feels somewhat unfinished. Given the importance of mobile and the growing pressure from Tumblr and Medium it seems unwise have the iOS app linger.

The sole developer of Poster, which led other iOS projects at WordPress, went working for Apple in the meantime.

That’s why I ask myself: Is the WordPress iOS app still relevant for WordPress or is it going to be replaced soon?