Online backups take a long time because the upload speed is much less than the download speed on an average internet connection for home use. Most of the time it’s 1:10, meaning the upload speed is 10 times slower than the download speed.

Here is a list for some common upload speeds to get an idea of how much data you can upload per hour or per day.

Cloud Backup Upload Speed

Upload Speed Mbit/s GByte/h GByte/day
1 0.5 11
2 0.9 21
6 2.6 63
10 4.4 106
40 17.6 422
50 22.0 528

The actual upload speed depends on several factors:

  • Do you have the upload bandwidth all for yourself or do other people at your home use it at the same time?
  • Do you really get the maximum upload speed your internet provider promises you?
    • Sometimes the cable from your home to the provider is too long or very old and flaky and the speed suffers.
    • Maybe too many people use the internet with this provider at the same time.
    • Or the hardware the provider gave to you is outdated because of a speed upgrade you may got yourself a while ago.
  • If you are on wireless: Is the wireless connection good and fast enough to achieve your maximum upload speed?
  • Is the receiving end of your data, e.g. the backup service, fast enough to support your upload speed?
    • While Dropbox or Google Drive are quite fast, other provider may not allow or sustain fast upload speeds.

Only if you can answer “yes” to all these questions you are able to achieve your maximum upload speed to have a fast online backup.

To test your upload and download speed you can use SpeedOf.Me.