Google Chrome Extensions Hackathon Hamburg

Tomorrow I’m attending Google Chrome Extensions Hackathon in Hamburg. Martin Thielecke (post in German) told me today at Web Monday Hamburg (post in German) at Gloria about it. Oh my, there are way too many events out there.

Google Chrome Extensions Event & Hackathon Roadshow is touring Germany and having three official events in Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Munich, while there are a couple of unofficial ones organized by local GTUGs. GTUGs are Google Technology User Groups, of which there are 10 in Germany.

This hackathon will be held during a GTUG battle, where you can win a lot of Google swag like a couple of Nexus Ones, notebook sleeves and backpacks.

The goal of these hackathons is the release of finished software which was built at the hackathon in a timely manner. In this case it’s Chrome Extensions to get developers up to speed and lure them away from Mozilla’s Firefox, which has many plugins.

Tomorrow’s topic is browser actions and page actions, as Google this technology. The battle will end on 2010-03-14. All extensions have to be submitted at this point to get considered for the drawing.

I’m curios if we can manage to pull off some cool stuff.

Update 2010-03-07

I postet an aftermath.