Sometimes I wonder if I sport a behaviour called digital hoarding.

Digital hoarding (also known as e-hoarding) is excessive acquisition and reluctance to delete electronic material no longer valuable to the user.


I’m not obsessive but I keep things I want to consume or work on around for way too long. If I remove one item, two items get added. The pile is constantly growing. And it drowns my energy.

I have the habit of reading the easy things first and postpone the harder things. It feels easier to focus on the quick wins and reduce the influx by checking them off. Rather read tech news than work on a project. Maybe I’m kind of a tech news junkie.

Because I work in digital media and creating software, whatever I do is related to digital things. No escape. Information overload keeps getting higher and higher.

I love computers and technology. But it doesn’t feel beneficial anymore to consume large amounts of information. At least I stopped using Facebook.