These scores may be useful (the TrustCloud one much more than the Klout one), but in the process these sites have to gather a lot of public and private data across different networks on my behalf. Otherwise they obviously wouldn’t be able calculate a score. This creates serious privacy issues.

While the scores are opaque and nobody knows if the scoring is reasonable or not, at least the TrustCloud one has a real benefit. If you create a new account on a site which needs a certain level of trust between users for making the whole idea work, a TrustCloud account can help. Think accommodation like AirBnB, tasks like TaskRabbit or projects like Elance. Klout hasn’t much benefit for the user, but a lot for Klout. They get all the user’s data while the user only gets a vanity number to show off. Even Klout perks are problematic.

Account Deletion

Accounts on both services can easily be deleted. Don’t forget to not only remove the network connections on Klout and TrustCloud, but also the access to your profiles on network’s pages like Facebook, Twitter etc. themselves.

When I deleted my account I had a score of about 50 without having much activity on social media in the last 12-24 months. Activity is presumably one of the most important factors, because that’s when interactions happen and people start to follow and engage. But my all-time high was maybe just below 60 or so.

I also deleted my TrustCloud account, which had a very good score of 814 on a scale from 0 to 1000 without having Facebook connected. I never gave TrustCloud access to my Facebook account, because they wanted to have access to everything. This seemed excessive to me regardless of the privacy issues involved.

Hopefully they deleted my data with my account and don’t keep it around.