Just cut the cord and stop watching TV. You won’t miss it. Don’t be a couch potato and let other people put ideas in your mind while spending your spare time.

There are so many ways to spend your spare time. TV is linear. You have to be on time because the shows won’t wait. You don’t stop watching because you already paid. At the end of a program you immediately get fed with new shows, which makes switching off hard.

If you for example surf the Internet at least you can choose what and when you want to consume. There’s much more content which you can choose from. It covers even the most arcane hobbies. This arcane stuff is done by people like you and me who happen to love this stuff. And it shows. Much more authentic, less spin.

If you prefer laid back consumption there’s always YouTube. You have no idea what kind of interesting stuff people upload every day. From workouts and sports to healthy or not so healthy cooking and baking. From living off-grid to van-life or multi-million dollar homes. From old-school music documentaries to green-living documentaries.

Cutting the cord saves a significant amount of money every month and every odd years when you buy a new TV set. If you want to you can use your TV and connect an Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV or Roku to get Netflix or any other movie or TV show for rent. Some modern TVs even have some of the services built-in. Some of these players start as low as $40.

If you are a sports nut you can subscribe to channels like NFL, NBA, ESPN and others on Apple, Google, Amazon or Roku devices to get games and tailored content about it and pre- and post-match info. Whenever you want to.

And if you realized you can access the content whenever you want to you might stop giving in to the urge or habit to watch TV and use your time differently because you can always get back to it. If you rent movies, you pick only those which are interesting to you and don’t watch stuff because it’s on.