All Computer Problems I Have Nowadays Come from Sync

My computing life is good. I like having a MacBook, an iPad and an iPhone. It feels like I have less problems than I had ten years before. But then I had a realization: almost all my problems I have nowadays come from my iPad and iPhone and how to get data on or off it. Syncing and stuff.

My MacBook is always running the latest version of the operating system as do my iOS devices. And the last major macOS problem was the dreaded discoveryd problem in 2014/2015 running Yosemite. I also had a problem at about the same time or a couple of months earlier where my MacBook wouldn’t reconnect with the Wi-Fi after waking it. And a Finder bug, where drag and drop wouldn’t work, because Finder didn’t register a moved window. I had to drop files on ghost windows. Locations on the screen where the moved window has been before.

These were all my computer aka Mac problems in the last 4+ years. But I have so many problems related to iCloud and getting data on and off my iOS devices. I spent countless hours, days even, on those problems. iCloud Drive, iCloud Photo Library and incorrectly syncing 3rd party iOS apps, which used iCloud to sync app data or settings.

Touch devices made my life better in so many regards. But the uncomfortable truth is that at least 90 % of my tech troubles came from those devices and how I wanted to integrate them with my life.