Twitter extended its search to include all tweets ever tweeted. Now you can really find something on Twitter and not only the most important tweets or the last two weeks.

This reminded me that I downloaded all my tweets as an exported archive from Twitter some time ago. It’s easy to request your tweet archive. Go get yours, it’s fun!

I realized I used many different services over the time. Especially in the first couple of years. Some of them are now defunct. So, what should I do? Delete old tweets which were useless because of the defunct links? No, I rather keep them for keeping my whole archive for posterity.

Then I wanted to know what kind of different services I used and make a list. Probably a crazy and time-wasting idea. I’m going to file this under “shit you do because you can”. Those kind of services are now built-in to Twitter.

Long story short, here’s the list of the services I used. The asterisk denote non-operational services.

URL Shortener

Image Services

I most often used / and Twitpic.

On Twitpic

Twitpic was forced on copyright claims (“twit”) by Twitter to cease operation. Just before killing off the service they came to an agreement that all images will be going over in Twitter’s possession. It’s not clear if Twitter paid anything for the images.

Twitpic was one of the first companies which enhanced Twitter’s ecosystem in a very meaningful way. Twitter should be glad they existed and therefore treat them less hostile. They killed off a competing service on dubious grounds and got all their assets for free. What a shame.