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More about me or my projects. I also have a Tumblelog having it’s own feed with plenty of privacy-violating video embeds. You have been warned.

I enjoy Japanese green tea a lot, mostly Kabusecha, Sencha, and Matcha. Hence the emoji.




The Ephemeral Internet

I’ve come to believe that it’s not a good idea to keep all my content around indefinitely.

Privacy-Friendly YouTube Embeds

Embedding YouTube videos invites third-party tracking cookies, which can easily be avoided when embedding in a more privacy-friendly way without sacrificing functionality.

Choice on the Web

Why not choosing the most popular option is good for everyone.



Twitter – A Personal Time Capsule

Twitter sometimes is a personal time capsule, which allows me to remember things, which I can add to my diary retroactively to create a thread of my life.


Bad Indie Developers

Sometimes independent developers are as self-centered as large corporations.

Heavy Data Usage on Mobile and Desktop

There are some pitfalls when it comes to data usage. Data charges can add up quickly, especially when tethering. Know where your data goes.



Digital Hoarding

Sometimes I wonder if I sport a behaviour called digital hoarding.


The Problem With Owning Movies Today

I want to buy movies but buying them on iTunes or Google Play would limit the ability to switch platforms because of high additional costs.

iPad Keyboard Annoyances

I’m much faster when using physical keyboards on iPad. Especially the 9.7″ iPads, where there’s no number row. But some things are annoying.

Using Tumblr to Take Back the Internet

Some time ago I took back the Internet to own my data. I cross-posted status updates, links, images & videos from Tumblr to Facebook & Twitter.

Cord-Cutting: Just Do It!

Just cut the cord. You won’t miss it. Don’t be a couch potato and let other people put ideas in your mind while spending your spare time.


Why Apple iBooks Highlighting Sucks

Apple iBooks highlights are sometimes ommited from exports without notification and are in the wrong order, which is quite uncool.

WordPress for iOS Behaves Nastily

WordPress for iOS seemingly deletes the post you’re writing while you’re writing it. But you can get it back if you’re lucky.

Storing Videos on Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive has unlimited storage for $60 a year. Thats quite a bargain. But there are limits, especially for streaming video.

The State of Ghost vs. WordPress

I do like the concept of Ghost, but I’m not committing to a product where I’m missing important features compared to WordPress.

iCloud Photo Library & Photos

iCloud Photo Library is still in beta but works reliably. It’s a much more convenient way to manage your photos you took with your iPhone or iPad.

How to Get iCloud Drive to Display Files

If iCloud Drive on iOS doesn’t display any files or the folders are empty (0 items) even though there should be some files, then there is an easy solution.


How to Easily Create Strong Passwords

Strong passwords are important because your personal data is important. I’m going to show that everybody can have strong passwords easily without forgetting them.

WordPress Featured Image Plugins

WordPress has a cool feature: featured images. Here are some plugins which make the use of featured images even better.

On Quitting Twitter

A friend of mine quit Twitter recently. I think this is not unreasonable if you think about how Twitter wants to change itself to monetize better.

Mailbox Mac OS X Beta

The Mailbox iOS app everybody loves gets a OS X companion app. It’s still in beta and you need beta invites. Beta invites for Mailbox are very cool betacoins.



Amazon Kindle E-Book Backup

A kindle e-book purchased and downloaded doesn’t mean you own it. Amazon can remove content from your devices without notice and close your user account.



WePad, WeTab, ReCap

Nach der desaströsen Premiere des iPad-Konkurrenten WeTab versuchte Neofonie noch zu retten, was zu retten ist. Vergeblich.



Ein Bericht über die erste TEDx Deutschlands.


OpenCoffee Club and Cutting Some Slack

OpenCoffee Club in Hamburg is a bi-weekly gathering of developers and entrepreneurs of the Web 2.0 community in Hamburg meeting at Starbucks to network.

Wow, I’m Live!

Never thought I would get my blog up and running this decade.

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